New World Connecticut
by AJ Fernandez

In honor of Christopher Colombus, New World Connecticut handmade premium cigars offer a more mellow and smoother taste compared to the original New World blend, something your shoppers that love a good Connecticut-style cigar will be clamoring for. AJ Fernandez is famous for his mastery over Nicaraguan tobaccos, and these cigars solidify his standing as one of the best blenders in the industry. Carefully rolled in several popular sizes with top-notch construction, vintage long filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Brazil are packed within a Mexican binder and topped off with a beautiful top-quality Connecticut wrapper. Smooth, creamy, and mellow, these delicious smokes provide lavish notes of nuts and a dash of cedar. Named in Cigar Aficionado’s “Best Buy” of 2015, this cigar should not be found missing from any cigar store, especially yours! To get the unbelievably affordable New World Connecticut by AJ Fernandez at unbeatable wholesale prices, place your order online today with Santa Clara Cigars.

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