Aganorsa Leaf

Casa Fernandez Cigars are an excellent line of premium smokes handmade in Nicaragua using the best Cuban-seed filler tobaccos. Starting in 1998, Aganorsa Leaf has been developing a tobacco variety they call ‘Aganorsa’ that captures the taste and aroma of the famous Cuban cigars from before the embargo, something the shoppers in your cigar store will definitely been on the hunt for. Each blend has its own unique character and hearty robust flavor that sets this brand apart from others, keeping your customers entertained with a variety of blends that will have them coming back to your cigar store for more. In addition to its outstanding top-notch construction, wide selection, and great taste, Aganorsa Leaf offers a ton of affordable options that will intrigue your more frugal shoppers, yielding a good and steady profit for your store. To get your Casa Fernandez inventory at unbeatable wholesale prices, order online today with Santa Clara Cigars, where every purchase is shipped fast and fresh and orders of $750.00 or more are shipped free!

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