Four Kicks

Crowned Heads is one of the most innovative cigar companies in the industry today. What you may not know is that many members of the Crowned Heads team got their start years ago with CAO. After CAO was bought out, this group of guys came together and began to blend a boutique-style cigar in the same fashion as they had at CAO. They named that cigar Four Kicks, after the song that had brought them together following the buyout. This is where the legend begins, and what a delicious legend it is. Four Kicks is the perfect medium-bodied cigar and features a rustic and tasty Ecuadorian wrapper, which covers aged tobacco from Nicaragua. It has hints of leather and cedar, and a terrific earthy aroma. These boxes of 24 are incredibly affordable and would definitely bring the aficionados and boutique lovers to your cigar shop. Four Kicks is available right here at Santa Clara Cigars.

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