Santa Clara Cigars has many extremely knowledgable staff members that have been in the cigar industry for a long period of time. Cigars have become not just a hobby, but a lifestyle for many of these in-house experts. In this section you'll find straightforward cigar reviews from three of our aficonados, David, Rudy, and Alan. They'll showcase some of their favorite and most dependable smokes and tell you how they really feel about them. This is a great way to stock up on some of their picks and offer your customers something you'll know they'll love too!

Caldwell Long Live The King by AJ Fernandez

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The recently released Caldwell Long Live the King by AJ Fernandez would make a great addition to any retail humidor as it features a collaboration between two of the most popular cigar makers in the marketplace, Robert Caldwell and A.J. Fernandez. This latest release features an all-Nicaraguan blend that highlights notes of dark roast coffee, cocoa, and a little spice. If your customer enjoys cigars from boutique manufacturers, then the Caldwell Long Live the King by AJ Fernandez will be an instant hit with them. For the month of January, we’re offering customers a great opportunity to save $10 off each box, which will instantly increase your profit margins.
By Cigar Expert, David Joyce

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Romeo y Julieta 1875 Connecticut Nicaragua

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The recently released Romeo y Julieta 1875 Connecticut Nicaragua promises to be one of the most successful releases of the last few years. This newest cigar is believed to be the only nationally released cigar to feature a Connecticut Shade wrapper that was grown in Nicaragua. This unique wrapper creates an even more unique flavor. The best feature of this new line is the very affordable retail price point of $7.46 - $8.69 per cigar. It’s hard to find a great Connecticut Shade cigar under $10, and the quality of the Romeo y Julieta 1875 Connecticut Nicaragua certainly exceeds the price point.
By Cigar Expert, Rudy Baker

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