Xikar Cigar Cutters

XO Redwood Cutter 3X0RW

Customers that have a taste for all things fine and luxury will be glad that your cigar store started carrying Xikar XO Redwood Cigar Cutters. Made with Xikar’s top-notch precision machining, the XO Redwood cutter boasts a proprietary planetary gear system that moves the incredibly sharp stainless-steel blades in unison. The blades moving together provides a wholly symmetrical cut that will smoothly and easily remove the cap of any premium cigar, which can be performed with a simple squeeze. They also feature a striking silver finish with redwood highlights that are sure to capture the attention of your shoppers. Get your inventory of Xikar XO Redwood Cigar Cutters at unbeatable wholesale prices by placing an online order today at Santa Clara Cigars.
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