Xikar Cigar Cutters

X0 Bronze Cutter 3X0BR

Ensure your shoppers get the best cut possible by suggesting they purchase a Xikar X0 Bronze Cutter along with their favorite handmade premium cigars. These cigar cutters boast a unique patent-pending planetary gear system so that the blades work together, unlike most double-guillotine cutters where the blades move independently. The top-quality metal also provides a striking, eye-catching design that will appeal to shoppers who have a taste for luxury. Along with their pocket-friendly ergonomic design, there is no doubt that these cutters will be a popular accessory hosted by your cigar store. Available at unbeatable wholesale prices right here at Santa Clara Cigars, order some Xikar X0 Bronze Cutters for your shop’s display today and stock up on these top-quality cigar cutters!
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