Xikar Cigar Cutters

X0 Black and Black Cutter 3X0BB

Provide your shoppers with a truly unique cigar cutter by stocking up on Xikar XO Black and Black Cigar Cutters. The Xikar really outdid itself with these unusual double guillotine cigar cutters, using top-quality machining and materials to create a proprietary planetary gear system that makes the movements of the blades linked together and symmetrical. Customers will be able to a flawless cut on any cigar in their humidors with this sleek and modern cutter. The alluring all-black finish is also guaranteed to catch the eyes of your shoppers that appreciate luxury. To get your cigar store’s inventory of Xikar XO Black and Black Cigar Cutters at the best wholesale prices on the web, place your online order with Santa Clara Cigars today!
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