Xikar Cigar Cutters

M8 Chrome / Silver Cutter 3XM8CS

Customers looking for a cigar cutter that can handle their big-ring premium smokes should look no further than a Xikar M8 Chrome / Silver Cigar Cutter. This luxury cutter from Xikar, one of the most famous cigar accessory brands on the market, features a stunning polished metal finish that will brighten up any accessory collection. Its aperture is large enough to accommodate cigars up to a 70-ring gauge, so even the largest of cigars can be perfectly clipped. There are two ultra-sharp steel blades, however one of the blades is stationary to allow your shoppers to properly align their cut with virtually any size of cigar. Add some shine to your cigar store’s accessory display, order Xikar M8 Chrome / Silver Cigar Cutters online today with Santa Clara Cigars to get them at unbeatable wholesale prices.
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