Xikar Cigar Cutters

Black Metal V-Cut 3CCVXB

Customers that prefer giving a V-cut to their favorite premium cigars will be lining up at the register for Xikar Black Metal V-Cut Cigar Cutters. These top-quality cigar cutters are encased in a sturdy black metal body that can withstand the most brutal of wear and tear. The deep inlet lets shoppers perfectly align their cigars for the perfect cut, and the angled blade will slice a perfect cat’s eye notch right out of the cap of up to a 64-ring gauge premium cigar. Flip the cutter over to show the back to reveal the contours that allow for the perfect spot for them to rest their stogies between puffs. Provide your shoppers with one of the best V-cutters on the market, get Xikar Black Metal V-Cut Cigar Cutters at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering them online with Santa Clara Cigars.
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