Xikar Cigar Cutters

009 Punch Pull Out Silver 3CCPOS

Offer shoppers looking for a travel-friendly and easy to use cutter a Xikar 009 Punch Pull Out Silver Cigar Cutter. With an attached keyring that can be affixed to any aficionado’s set of keys, these small and portable punch cutters are remarkably simple to use. By only pulling apart the two pieces, a 9mm circular blade is revealed. Pull the pieces together to retract the blade, and in doing so, the removed piece of a premium cigar’s cap falls right out, making cleanup incredibly easy. The vibrant silver finish will also be alluring to shoppers and passersby alike. Add the perfect punch to your cigar store’s repertoire at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering Xikar 009 Punch Pull Out Silver Cigar Cutters online today from Santa Clara Cigars.
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