Quesada 40th Anniversary

Toro 6.0 × 54.0  Q40T

Handcrafted in a 6 x 54 size that showcases the top-quality tobacco blend's spicy-sweet, almost meaty flavor, the Quesada 40th Anniversary Toro is a luxurious celebratory cigar that is not only special, but also satisfyingly savory. Skillfully created by Patricia and Raquel Quesada to celebrate the 40th premium-cigarmaking anniversary of their famed father, Manuel Quesada, the Quesada 40th Anniversary Toro is wrapped in a lush San Andrés EMS leaf in a rich medium-brown color that surrounds a Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco recipe bursting with quality ligero, seco, and viso. Featuring a medium-bodied strength profile and packed in sleek black boxes of 20 cigars, the Quesada 40th Anniversary Toro displays the quintessential quality that has made Quesada a popular name for premium-cigar smokers of all kinds. If you're shopping online for a satisfying smoking experience in a top-of-the-line Toro-sized handmade premium cigar, then take a good look at the Quesada 40th Anniversary Toro.
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San Andrés

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic