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James Norman 2 Pipe Pouch Combo Black 8JN2PB

Your customers that love smoking pipe tobacco are probably often smoking their pipes on the go, so give them a good way to carry it all around with a James Norman 2 Pipe Pouch Combo Black. With the capacity to fit two top-shelf pipes, or for them to fit their pipe along with pipe tobacco and accessories, this pouch can fit in just about any backpack, luggage bag, or laptop case. Crafted with top-quality and sleek faux leather vinyl, these pouches are not only stylish but also incredibly affordable. Perfect for any pipe enthusiast to keep their prized briar safe from scratches and dings no matter their budget, these pouches are certain to appeal to your pipe and pipe tobacco clientele. Available here at Santa Clara Cigars at the best wholesale prices on the web, stock up on James Norman 2 Pipe Pouch Combo Black cases by ordering your inventory online today.
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