Nicaraguan Overruns

Connecticut Corona 4.5 × 46.0  NOVCC

Please note: Sizes do vary for these cigars and may not match the size specified on the website due to the fact that they are overruns.

One of the best cigar values out there, Nicaraguan Overruns Connecticut Corona cigars come from a very famous Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer who has chosen to remain anonymous. If your customers knew who made them, they’d most likely be willing to pay twice the price. These overruns are not factory seconds, but rather they are first-rate handmade premium cigars that were destined for a regular production line, but some of them were slightly off size, so the company packaged them in affordable bundles of 20. Which translates to higher profit margins for you! These classic 4.50 × 46 Corona’s feature a stunning, golden brown Connecticut wrapper that plays host to the finest fully aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco. The result is a mellow-to-medium bodied smoke with creamy smooth flavors of cedar, leather, and cocoa, backed by hints of sweet spice. Stock up on bundles of 20 from Santa Clara Cigars today, and watch even your most frugal cigar shoppers fall in love with these savory Connecticut style cigars.

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