Cigar Humidors & Humidifying Devices

Cigar Travel Humidor: Cigar Mechanic (30-Cigar) 0.0 × 0.0  3CM30

Not a lot of retailers carry an adequate selection of cigar Humidors. You can make your store the number one shop for cigar humidors and humidifying devices in the area by ordering them all online- right here at Santa Clara Cigars.

Our wide selection wholesale humidors feature attractive cabinets that can hold anywhere from five, to a few hundred of your favorite premium smokes featured in assorted woods, like oak, mahogany, and rosewood, many with decorative designs or transparent glass tops.

We also carry a wide variety of top-quality travel humidors, hygrometers, both analog and digital, and just about every type of humidifying device you can think of. Best of all, we have the most affordable prices around, letting you pass the savings on to your customers.

Check out our full selection of humidifying devices, they represent a great opportunity to upsell and ad value to each customer that enters your store.

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