Djarum Filtered Cigars

Black Classic Gold 10/6Pk 3.5 × 20.0  DJCG

Shoppers looking for a quick, smooth, and uniquely good machine-made smoke should look no further than Djarum Black Classic Gold Filtered Cigars. These treats are perfect for clientele that never seems to have the time for a full-sized premium cigar, and their petite 3.5x20 size makes them perfect for the cold winter months. Filled with the best tobaccos from Indonesia, Black Classic Gold filtered cigars will provide them with a rich smoke brimming with flavors of clove, chocolate, pepper, and tobacco sweetness. They can also stay fresh without the need for a humidor making them incredibly travel friendly. Available in boxes containing 10 packs of six, get Djarum Black Gold Filtered Cigars for your cigar store at unbeatable wholesale prices by ordering your inventory online from Santa Clara Cigars.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf