Djarum Black Classic

Black Classic Ruby 10/6Pk 3.5 × 20.0  DJCR

Djarum Black Classic Ruby Cigars provide rich mellow-to-medium bodied flavors of exotic spices, cream, cherry, and vanilla, all backed by a zesty peppery taste and aroma. Machine made in Indonesia, these tasty cigars are rolled in a petite 3.50x 20 pocket friendly size, and are sold in elegant boxes of 60 that make for a very striking counter-top display. If you are looking to stock an affordable line of smokes that’s been a fan favorite among everyday smokers for almost 70 years, then order Djarum Black Classic Ruby when you buy wholesale cigars online from Santa Clara… your #1 source for the best wholesale cigar prices on the web.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf



Mellow - Medium