Djarum Black Classic

Black Classic Ivory 10/6Pk 3.5 × 20.0  DJCI

Djarum Black Classic Ivory Cigars are a must have for any cigar shop looking to boost their sales in a highly profitable way, by selling one of the most popular machine-made little cigars in the industry today. Made in Indonesia, Classic Ivory is composed of homogenized tobacco used for the wrapper and binder, encasing an undisclosed blend of short filler leaves. Featuring a natural blend of cloves and spicy tobacco, backed by the taste and aroma of sweet vanilla, these popular little pint-sized cigarillos have been pleasing everyday smokers for nearly 70 years. Classic Ivory have a pre-cut cap, meaning no cigar cutter is ever required, and they are sold very affordable boxes of 60 that are individually sealed in packs of 2 that fit perfectly in your customers briefcase, backpack, or jacket pocket.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf



Mellow - Medium