Djarum Black Classic

Black Classic Gold 10/6Pk 3.5 × 20.0  DJCG

Djarum Cigars Black Classic Gold is a smooth mellow-to-medium bodied cigarillo sized cigar that’s the perfect recommendation for cigars shoppers on the go. It’s the perfect smoke for lunchbreaks at the office, running errands, or any other time the moment calls for a quick, highly satisfying smoke. Machine made in Indonesia. These tasty cigars offer a very enjoyable mellow experience that’s laced with luscious notes of, spice, anise, wood, and hints of vanilla. These highly fragrant cigars are fashioned in a petite 3.50 × 20 size and are sold in very affordable boxes of 60 right here at Santa Clara for our unbeatable wholesale cigar prices. Stock up today, and watch them fly out your door.
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