Colibri Cigar Lighters

Monaco Metallic Red 3CMNT7

Your shoppers deserve a luxury smoking experience from beginning to end, and a Colibri Monaco Metallic Red Cigar Lighter is just the tool to get the perfect start to their premium cigars. Inspired by the world of motorsports where precision and top-of-the-line engineering reign supreme, these lighter produce a powerful and focused triple-jet torch pyramid flame that allows for unrivaled precision when lighting. Their sleek and slim profile and curved edges make them the ideal travel companion, fitting perfectly in a pants or coat pocket. There is also an easy-to-read fuel window that gives an accurate reading of the fuel level, ensuring your customers always know when it is time for a pitstop. Complete with a bold red finish, stock your shelves with Colibri Monaco Metallic Red Cigar Lighters at unbeatable wholesale prices by placing your online order at Santa Clara Cigars today.
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