Colibri Cigar Lighters

EVO Black Lighter 3CEVB

This Black EVO Lighter from Colibri Cigar Lighters is a great choice for anyone on the hunt for a premium cigar accessory. The EVO line is a new collection from Colibri, one of the most famous names in cigar accessories. The name is short for ‘evolution’, which is fitting, being that the company’s history in the lighter game dates all the way back to 1928! Wait, that was a long time ago— was there even electricity then? Come on, I’m a writer, not a history buff. But still, this particular device is fine choice, offering users single-action ignition, with a specially-designed lid that’ll shield fingers away from the powerful jet-torch that’s unleashed at a 35-degree angle. Sleek, durable and easy to use, this EVO comes in all black, perfect for contemporary connoisseurs! Grab yours today!
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