Colibri Cigar Cutters

Quasar 1928 Punch Charcoal 3CQPC

Colibri Quasar 1928 Punch Charcoal Cigar Cutter is elegant looking and groundbreaking in design. Inspired by the pyramid shape of the Quasar line of high-end humidors , the main body is comprised of three pyramids, each housing a different sized round blade underneath. The fourth pyramid functions as the handle and will extract all three blades at the same time when pulled outwardly. Smokers can select from a 7mm, 9mm or 12mm diameter blade, each finely honed with an inner and outer bevel for a perfectly round cut that will accommodate any size cigar. Pushing the handle back into place returns the blades into the housing while simultaneously ejecting the tobacco pieces from within the blade. Order your Quasar 1928 right here Santa Clara for the best wholesale prices on the web and show your shoppers what amounts to three separate punch cigar cutters for one affordable price.
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