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Aficionado by Don Salvatore 3HAF

The Aficionado by Don Salvatore cigar humidor offers a luxurious way to store up to 90 of your favorite premium handmade cigars. The exterior and interior of this work of art have the perfect fit and finish, every seam is tight and flawlessly detailed. Outside, a rare and stunning Cambodian Rosewood often used on very high-end musical instruments is given a high-lacquer finish to enhance its stunning grain. Two glass windows, artfully beveled on the front, not only display your fine smokes, but also add a rich, aesthetic quality to this fine piece of furniture. Five interior drawers lined with aged and highly aromatic Spanish cedar keep its 90-cigar capacity neatly organized. A beautiful, and well-placed, top-quality brass hygrometer adds an amazing final touch to this museum quality humidor. Whether a gift to someone very special, or a prized addition to your very own collection, the Aficionado by Don Salvatore is destined to become a cherished heirloom. 

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