Al Capone Handmade

Jamaican Blaze Bowl 3.25 × 20.0  AGABB

An Al Capone Handmade Jamaican Blaze Bowl sitting next to your cigar store’s register is a great way to get some profits on impulse buys. With 60 packs of 2 little 3.25x20 cigars to a bowl, these counter displays are sure to entice customers that want a quick and flavorful treat. Made with fine Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers and adorned with a whole leaf wrapper, what makes these gems irresistibly good is the added sweetness of rum. They will savor a rich medium-bodied smoke that they can enjoy in a fraction of the time as a full-sized premium cigar, and the sweet and spicy flavors of spiced rum will coat their palates with each puff. Order your shop’s inventory of Al Capone Handmade Jamaican Blaze Bowls online from Santa Clara Cigars and get them at the best wholesale prices on the web!
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60 Packs of 2 (120 total)

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Natural Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed