Our in-house cigar gurus are at it again. They've picked out 6 of their most dependable world-famous smokes and created straightforward cigar reviews for each. They've also put together a remarkable must-have Expert Picks Sampler for January that'll give you the chance to try each of their premium cigar picks yourself. And it's only $24.95! That's a savings of more than 55% off the regular retail price. Each sampler includes 1 of each of the following cigars along with a Boveda 2-way humidity pack to keep them fresh:

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Montecristo Platinum Series Toro

Toro ·6 ×50 ·EMS

 The price has been reduced by 10% Off!

Having never met a Montecristo cigar that I didn’t like, I’d have to put this one right at the top. Silky to the feel, and begging to be smoked, the gorgeous Mexican Cubano wrapper adds that earthy full-bodied oomph that I love in a good premium smoke. This baby burned incredibly slow and had that classic old world Habano style flavor that I adore. If you have never experienced the yummy goodness of a Montecristo- then the Platinum is a great place to start!

Saint Luis Rey Alloy Robusto

Robusto ·4.5 ×54 ·EMS

This well stuffed 6 x 56 premium is an absolute joy to smoke, just leave yourself plenty of time because the Alloy burns very s-l-o-w-w !!! Out of the 10 billion stogies Ive tasted in my lifetime, this one has such distinct flavors that I always find myself craving more. Every puff delivers mouthwatering notes of graham cracker, cocoa, dark chocolate, dried fruit, and a bunch of other goodies my well-trained palate cannot decipher. Damn, I might have to smoke one right now, after just writing this pick – I suggest you do the same!

La Imperiosa Magicos

Magicos ·4.5 ×52 ·Oscuro

Just looking at the seamless oily, dark wrapper and powder blue band made my mouth water even before I grabbed my trustworthy Xikar. However, the Magicos proved that beauty is beyond skin deep. This little 4.5 x 52 flavor bomb simply explodes with abundant flavors of earth, leather, wood, chocolate and some subtle fruity notes. Crowned Heads really created another thumb burner with this tasty little devil!

El Rey del Mundo Reserva Nicaragua Principales

Principale ·6.25 ×54 ·EMS

 The price has been reduced by 15%!

Having smoked the Honduran version of this cigar since many current smokers were still wearing Huggies, I never thought you could improve on this classic. Boy was I wrong! This Nicaraguan Cousin is bursting with savory notes of black cherry, sweet spice, cocoa, espresso, and nuts. Whoever wrote this exact flavor description on our website really nailed it. It’s all that-and more! I highly suggest you smoke both varieties, but if you have to pick one – This is it!

Rocky Patel Ice Toro

Toro ·6.5 ×52 ·EMS

While pondering which Rocky Patel cigar to smoke, I stumbled upon the Ice. Ice … I thought? Could this be a menthol Patel? Then my little brain realized it was a milder version of the Fire, and I was not only relieved, but also ready for my test smoke. Every puff on this medium bodied little brother to the high-octane Fire delivered mouthwatering notes of earth, spice, nuts and a little sweetness on the tongue. Fashioned in the signature Rocky style, this well-made vitola was a joy to smoke!

Cohiba Dominican Robusto

Robusto ·5 ×49 ·EMS

When I think of the name super-premium, the Cohiba brand always comes to mind, and like a fine wine or whiskey, sometimes quality doesn’t come cheap- but it’s usually worth it, and The Cohiba Dominican Robusto proves this point. The first few draws greet you with a very peppery blast, than alas behind those thick clouds of billowy white smoke come incomparable flavors of sweet cream, toast, nuts, leather, and earth. Talk about slow burning … This medium bodied Dominican beauty was not only scrumptious-it lasted as long as many Churchill’s! Either take the plunge and buy this rather expensive stick now, or throw some spare coin in the cookie jar… It’s that good!