Prince Albert's Cigarillos

Prince Albert’s Cigarillos are certain to please smokers looking for a deliciously good smoke that will satisfy when there simply is not enough time for a full-sized handmade premium cigar. Most smokers also love the great aromatic smell of pipe tobacco, but often do not have the time or dedication to cleaning necessary to indulge in a pipe. If they light up one of these skinny treats, they will enjoy all the benefits of a pipe, including sweet, smooth, and scrumptious top-quality flavors and an enticing aroma, without the commitment. Featuring plastic tips, Prince Albert’s Cherry Vanilla and Sweet Vanilla Cigarillos are certain to be right at home near the register and will add to the profits of your cigar store. Available in counter-friendly boxes of 10 affordable packs of 5, order Prince Albert’s Cigarillos with Santa Clara Cigars to get them at the best wholesale prices on the web!
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