Al Capone Pockets

Al Capone Pockets are some of the best dry-cured stogies in the world, and one of the most popular. Available in a single pocket sized 2.66x20 format, these smokes, named after the notorious gangster, are crafted with 100% tobacco leaf wrappers and top-quality Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos by the cigarmakers of Dannemann to provide a flavorful, sweet, and smooth smoke with a distinctively alluring aroma. Available in counter-friendly boxes of 10 packs, with each pack containing 10 little stogies, these smokes are sure to be a favorite among your customers that like their smoke breaks short and sweet. Stock up now on Al Capone Pockets by ordering at unbeatable wholesale prices with Santa Clara Cigars, and keep these profitable gems right by the register of your cigar store to entice those customers looking for a deliciously affordable little treat.

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