ACID Cigarillo

Don’t let the size of these affordable ACID Cigarillos fool your clientele. They may be machine made but they are still at the famous La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, and are crafted with top-quality tobaccos that are infused with over 140 herbs, botanicals, essential oils, and spices that changed the cigar world in the late 1990s. These little treats feature all of the unique and enjoyable flavors that the make the popular full-sized ACID cigars so sought after. ACID Cigarillos come in three distinct lines named Red, Green, and Blue, reflecting the top-notch infusion blends found on their full-sized counterparts. These convenient little quick smokes are the perfect choice for smokers on the go looking for a top-shelf flavored cigarillo that is better than the other cheap cigarillo brands. They are packed individually in counter-friendly boxes of 10 on the Santa Clara website at wholesale prices that will allow you to make a profit in your cigar store, so order ACID Cigarillos today!

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