Villiger Original

Villiger Original Krumme cigars are guaranteed to catch the attention of the shoppers in your cigar store. Made in Switzerland with a flavorful blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Brazil, these smooth, medium-bodied, unique smokes are actually three cigars interwoven by hand using an age-old tradition, referred to as a ‘Culebra’ which is the Spanish word for ‘snake’. It is said that the famous Culebra cigar braid has its origins in premium cigar manufacturers, to make sure rollers would not exceed their three-cigar allowance; if a worker was seen smoking a cigar that did not look like a slithering snake, then the bosses would know that the worker was one. Neat-looking, wholly enjoyable, and available in boxes of 24 on the Santa Clara Cigars website at the best wholesale prices, Villiger Original Krumme cigars are a truly unique offering for your customers and a steady choice for long-time premium cigar aficionados across North America, so place your online order today.

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