PDR Cigars

PDR Cigars are extremely popular boutique cigars produced by master blender Abe Flores in his modern state-of-the-art factory in the Dominican Republic. Sold here at Santa Clara for the best cigar wholesale prices on the web, the PDR brand portfolio consists of a staggering lineup of 15 unique and extraordinarily flavorful blends. PDR, which stands for” Pinar Del Rio”, is named after the famous Cuban growing region far north of Havana that’s known for producing what many consider to be the best tobaccos in the world. Furthermore, to honor Cuba’s proud cigarmaking tradition, each and every PDR cigar is rolled in the old Cuban “Entubado” method where the long fillers are rolled together accordion style rather than bunched in layers, thus providing an effortless draw and an amazingly slow burn. PDR is sure to capture the tastes of any cigar shopper with their wide variety of strength profiles that use only the best tobaccos from Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States. Your cigar inventory is incomplete without PDR Cigars featured on your shelves, so be sure to stock up on the many PDR fan favorites when you order your wholesale cigars right here at Santa Clara.

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