Lars Tetens Cubagua

Lars Tetens Cubagua cigars mark the return of an enormously popular brand that was all the rage during the cigar boom era of the 1990s that mysteriously disappeared. Now produced by the iconic Alec Bradley Company, these handmade premium cigars derived their name from the tropical island of Cubagua off the coast of Venezuela. Certain to melt your troubles away, these exotically themed smokes are medium bodied in strength and rife with distinct and delicious flavors of earth and cream, backed by hints of dried fruit and tropical spices. A compelling sweet gum cap seamlessly ties these mouthwatering flavors together. Cubagua Cigars will become a top seller amongst your old Lars Teten fans, along with a whole new audience of modern smokers in search of a tantalizing boutique-style blend. Order yours From Santa Clara, your one stop shop for the best wholesale cigar prices on the web!
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