La Palina Cigars

La Palina Cigars is an old Cuban brand made famous in 1896 by Samuel Paley and named in honor of his wife. After 30 years in the business, in 1926 he retired from cigar making and unfortunately, so did the brand. Now, thanks to his grandson Bill, this vintage brand is back in business with several top-quality blends that are sure to become top sellers in your cigar store thanks to their high industry ratings and huge fan base. Each blend is made with the finest aged Central American and Caribbean long filler tobaccos that are seamless rolled in a wide selection of the world’s best wrappers. Whichever La Palina cigar they choose, your customers will experience a smooth, well-rounded, luxury smoking experience that will have them coming back for more. When you order La Palina Cigars with Santa Clara Cigars, you get unbeatable wholesale prices on your purchase, so stock your shop today!

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