Flor de Gonzalez

Flor de Gonzalez handmade cigars are the perfect choice as a daily smoke for the aficionados in your cigar store that are trying to keep to a budget. Produced by the Gonzalez family, whose pedigree dates back many years all the way to pre-embargo Havana, Cuba, they are now in their third generation of tobacco growing and owner Yadi Gonzalez has shown his dedication to keeping up the traditions of family, quality, and flavor. Their fields and factory are both located in the volcanic ash soil of Nicaragua, one of the world’s best locales for growing top-quality tobacco. The company has a large variety of different and relatively affordable blends, offering everything from smooth and mellow to rich and full bodied. Today, they are best known for the very highly rated 90 Miles, which was named after the distance between the United States and Cuba. Stock your shop with Flor de Gonzalez by ordering online from Santa Clara Cigars, the country’s largest wholesale cigars distributor.

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