Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown is a luxurious line of premium cigars sold online from Santa Clara , the leader in discount wholesale cigar prices. These luxury-class cigars are truly some of the finest smokes that you clientele will ever encounter, as they are produced by the legendary J.C.Newman Company in collaboration with the famed Arturo Fuente family in the Dominican Republic. . A cornerstone brand that belongs in every cigar shop, the original Diamond Crown is one of the best mellow-medium bodied cigars available on the market. These phenomenally smooth cigars are joined by the Maximus, Black Diamond, and Julius Caesar that are certain to provide tons of smoking satisfaction for cigar shoppers in search of a bolder Diamond Crown experience. It’s a high-end brand that’s targeted for clientele that demand one of the finest handmade premium cigars ever made , and it’s an enormously popular brand that is certain sell extremely well in your shop.
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