CLE cigars and brand owner Christian Eiroa are famous for their mastery over Honduran tobaccos, and they are taking that mastery to all new heights with CLE Signature Cameroon handmade premium cigars. The ingredients serving as the aged long filler tobaccos and binder are not being disclosed, but it is the wrapper leaf that makes these top-shelf smokes truly special. While top-quality wrappers from Cameroon are prized for their rich and unique flavor, they are fragile and difficult to ship overseas. In response, the Eiroa family has grown Cameroon varietals in Honduras, providing a more local source while maintaining the leaf’s good flavor. Your clientele will indulge in medium-bodied smoke that presents luxury notes of earth, pepper, spice, leather, and nuts; so decadent that customers will be clamoring to bring some home for their humidors. Available in three vitolas that are made with top-notch construction for an even and slow burn and shipped to your cigar store in boxes of 25, stock up on CLE Signature Cameroon cigars at the best wholesale prices on the web by ordering your inventory with Santa Clara Cigars today.
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