Al Capone Handmade

Named after one of the most infamous criminals of all time, these top-quality Al Capone Handmade cigars are so tasty they should be illegal! Crafted with short-leaf fillers from the three of the most fertile growing regions of Nicaragua, these medium-to-full-bodied cigarillos are perfect for when your shoppers simply do not have the time to kick back with a full-sized stogie. And what these Al Capone Handmade's lack in size, they certainly make up for it in bold, rich flavors and exotic mouthwatering blends. Your shoppers can enjoy Sweets, Cognac, Jamaican Blaze, Rum, or other top-notch flavors that are infused with these little smokes. Beloved the world over, Al Capone Handmades come in eye-catching 10-packs that make for the perfect quick sale or add-on item. Order them all for your cigar store at the very best wholesale prices right here at Santa Clara Cigars and rake in the profit!

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