Sindicato Cigars

Sindicato Cigars is a company that creates unique premium handmade blends to cater to every smokers taste preferences. Shoppers looking for a great medium body smoke will love the Affinity, and the Sindicato Natural, as both are creamy, delicious, and covered with golden brown Connecticut wrappers. Consumers looking for Cuban-style character and complexity will love the The Sindicato Hex and the Maniac. Both of these full flavored Nicaraguan blends offer plenty of spice, leather, coffee and pepper flavors delivered in their own unique and satisfying way. For your dark leaf enthusiasts, the Sindicato Maduro cigar will really hit the spot, because this delicious Nicaraguan puro is loaded with the spicy, earthy, and rich, chocolate flavors that maduro smokers have come to love. All of these fabulous Sindicato creations provide the shopper with a wide array of blends, sizes, and strengths to suit their needs, and we think the entire portfolio of Sindicato cigars is going to create many happy new customers.

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