Sancho Panza Cigars

Sancho Panza cigars have a rich and luxurious history that date back more than 150 years, to the rich soils of Cuba. Today, they are one of the top selling Honduran cigars in the U.S. They were first blended by the legendary Estelo Padron, who is responsible for many of the top Honduran blends. The original, box pressed Sancho Panza combines the smooth and creamy notes of a Connecticut wrapper, with the complexity of filler tobaccos from Honduras Mexico, and the Dominican. The Extra Fuerte adds a nice amount of pepper and spice, to satisfy the full bodied smoker. The rich maduro is perfect for the aficionado who prefers notes of cocoa and a light sweetness. These cigars are flavorful, smooth and best of all they have a low price point. This will keep your customer’s wallets full and your margins will look better than ever. Pick up all of the Sancho Panzas today at Santa Clara.

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