San Cristobal Cigars

If you had to name a boutique Cuban cigar, the original San Cristobal would definitely be it. It has always had a reputation for intense flavor and almost perfect construction. Ashton has now brought this brand to the US under the watchful eye of one of the most renowned blenders in the world, Don Pepin Garcia. These rich and flavorful cigars are all hand rolled in the My Father factory in the heart of EstelĂ­ Nicaragua. The first release is one of the most powerful cigars you can find, but they remain incredibly smooth. The Elegancia takes the strength down a bit, but is still packed with flavor. The release of the San Cristobal Revelation took the industry by storm and remains one of the most popular Nicaraguan cigars on the market. You can fill your store with the entire line of these amazing smokes right here at Santa Clara.

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