Room 101 Cigars

You will not find a more colorful personality in the cigar industry than Matt Booth. He is a modern renaissance man, a 21st century DaVinci. From the Marine Corps and the L.A. Rock and Roll scene, to the fashion industry and cigars, Matt Booth’s signature style can now be seen all over the world. He has teamed up with legendary luxury retailer Davidoff to release his own series of cigars that combined the luxury and boutique styles of the West Coast with the tradition and simplicity of the Far East. Room 101 is one of the most popular boutique cigars in the world, and have become big draws for cigar shops. His dedicated following will always stop in and pick up some of these delicious smokes. The Big Payback is now one of the best-selling cigars in the industry and would certainly make your margins even better. Enjoy the whole line of Room 101 today from Santa Clara.

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