Inca Cigars

If you are looking for an entirely- unique premium handmade cigar to carry in your shop Inca Cigars, may just be your best choice. Crafted in very small batches in a tiny factory in Tarapoto, Peru, each stick goes through extensive quality control measures ensure you get a perfect smoke every time. One of the few all-Peruvian blends in the world, Inca is a complex, medium to full-bodied smoke brimming with naturally sweet and toasty notes of graham cracker, spice, cocoa, cinnamon, and cream. These distinct flavors provide a one of a kind treat that many of your customers will come to love. A wonderful change of pace from your more common blends, Inca comes to you from Santa Clara Cigars in eye-catching, beautifully designed, 20-count dress boxes. 

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