Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban Edition Limitada

In recent years, the Cuban cigar market has released several high-end limited-edition cigars. The problem is, the prices on some of these blends would break most anyone’s wallet. However, there is a cigar crafted to be comparable to these blends at a fraction of the cost: Genuine Pre-Embargo Counterfeit Cuban Edición Limitada. The blend consists of aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos with a Sumatra binder and an oily Nicaraguan wrapper. It is a rich and tasty cigar that comes in retro cedar boxes of 25. If you’d like your shop to supply smokers with the taste and flavor of a limited-edition Cuban cigar, but at an affordable price, these Counterfeits are perfect. Pick some up today right here at Santa Clara Cigars.

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