Foundry Rare Air

If you are looking for a limited, vintage, and unique smoke to place in your cigar shop, look no further than the Foundry Rare Air by Michael Giannini, who continues to wow us with another great yet mysterious blend…well, actually 4 mysterious blends. Each of the 4 Rare Air cigars features vintage tobaccos whose seeds originated over 50 years ago. After half a century of experimenting and blending, the team at Foundry created 4 distinct and delicious cigars that will have your customers rushing to your shelves for these 4 different blends with 4 different wrappers…all at the same affordable price! These Dominican beauties are available in boxes of 20, but you better get them before they vanish into thin air! Pick up some Rare Air for your store right here at Santa Clara Cigars.

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