Foundation The Upsetters

Foundation The Upsetters, the company’s first infused cigar, contains a premium blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos paired with rare cow tongue leaf. Indigenous to Jamaica, this varietal called cow tongue, or silver tongue, grows wild in the country’s fertile, volcanic soil, and locals use it to make a powerful mixture normally smoked in pipes. The fact that Foundation owner Nicholas Melillo decided to use this uncommon leaf in a cigar blend is a testimony to his amazing knowledge of tobacco and his remarkable blending skills. A special herbal infusion process creates a unique taste and aroma that doesn’t overpower, but instead enhances the complexity of these finely aged tobacco leaves. Notes of toast, earth, citrus, and sweet tea, with hints of pepper and honey round out this unique medium body flavor profile. Your adventurous shoppers will find the Upsetters to be an intriguing and exotically delicious luxury cigar.

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