Flor de Oliva Cigars

The ever so popular Flor de Oliva cigars feature the same impressive quality, consistency, and delectable flavors as any other Oliva cigars except they’re packed in less expensive cellophaned bundles, which allows you to make the sticker price a lot lower and still make a good profit at the same time! Crafted by one of the most famous cigar families in the industry responsible for making some of the finest Nicaraguan cigars in the world, these beauties wouldn’t bear the Oliva name if they didn’t live up to the standard of excellence the Oliva family strives for. You can get these bundles on the Santa Clara wholesale website in your choice of three wrapper varieties, including dark-brown Connecticut broadleaf maduro, medium-brown Sumatra, or light-brown Connecticut shade. Order yours now so you can offer your customers these budget-friendly smokes as soon as possible!

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