Espinosa Laranja Reserva

Erik Espinosa, the master blender who brought you the popular and highly rated 601 line, has really put his blending skills to the test with his exciting Laranja Reserva cigars. Using an extremely rare, orange-tinted Brazilian Laranja wrapper that sits atop well-aged filler leaf from Nicaragua, Espinosa really broke away from tradition when designing this elegant masterpiece! These cigars are full in body and brimming with tantalizing notes of spice, black pepper, citrus, hazelnut, cedar, and an appetizing natural sweetness that softly lingers on the palate. Strikingly displayed in eye-catching cedar chests of 20, the distinctively splendid Espinosa Laranja Reserva is a true work of art that belongs in every retailer’s humidor. Order them today for the best price at Santa Clara Cigars.

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