Tabak Especial by Drew Estate

After five years, Jonathan Drew and crew were finally able to release a coffee-infused cigar that takes the palate to bold new heights of yummy java goodness. Tabak Especial is an aged blend of rich Nicaraguan Criollo long-filler tobaccos paired with a flavorful Sumatran binder and wrapped in two styles of top-quality leaf, both cured for two years: a medium-brown Connecticut shade on the Dulce, and an extra-dark Connecticut broadleaf on the Negra. Then the magic happens as each of these top-notch sticks are generously infused with the finest Nicaraguan estate-grown coffee for a warm, rich, aromatic experience that will make your mouth water. Every savory draw provides bold espresso notes with subtle hints milk chocolate and cocoa, all perfectly balanced by a sweet, creamy aftertaste. Sold in various packaging to accommodate every smoker’s lifestyle and budget, Tabak Especial by Drew Estate is the perfect smoke to have in stock for shoppers looking for a refreshing change of pace.

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