Don Pepin Garcia Cigars

Don Pepin Garcia is one of the biggest names in the industry. His face would definitely be on the cigar Mount Rushmore along with Carlos Fuente, JC Newman, and Orlando Padron. He is now world famous for his My Father line, which includes the Flor de Las Antilles, one of the highest rated cigars of the past 10 years. He first got his start in the US market working with Pete Johnson on his Tatuaje line and for his first name brand cigars, Don Pepin Garcia. These are still some of his most beloved cigars and are a integral part of any cigar shops inventory. From the original Blue and Classic Black, to the Jaime Garcia created by his son, Don Pepin Garcia’s cigars are world renowned and for good reason. Give your customers what they want and pick up the entire collection of Don Pepin Garcia cigars from Santa Clara.

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