CAO Brazilia

CAO Brazilia cigars are the result of five years spent trying to find a combination of tobaccos that is so uniquely rich-tasting and delicious that consumers would be knocked on their proverbial ash after smoking one. Well, this hard work certainly paid off because these have become one of the most after full-bodied smokes in all of Stogieland! Dark, sleek, and gleaming with oil, the zesty and bold Brazilian-leaf wrapper that covers these sticks is simply amazing in both appearance and taste. Combined with the best vintage filler tobaccos found in all of Nicaragua, they offer your customers a very special treat that is robust, deep, and naturally sweet with an edgy kick they won’t soon forget. Satisfy your patrons’ needs by ordering the CAO Brazilia in boxes of 20 and packs of five from Santa Clara Cigars today!

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