Caldwell Cigars

The coolest guy in the cigar industry is back with his own line.  Introducing, the Caldwell Cigar Co. by Robert Caldwell.  Following his split with Christian Eiora, Caldwell has released his own highly rated series of cigars.  What is more impressive than these delicious blends is the intriguing and unique concept and art work that varies with each line. Your clientele can enjoy the rich and hearty Long Live the King or the smooth and silky Eastern Standard.  Let’s not forget his 2015 trade show release, the Blind Man’s Bluff, made with rich vintage Honduran tobacco.  The Caldwell Cigar Co. is the epitome of a well-crafted, high quality, and unique boutique cigar company, so make sure your smokers can enjoy them today; order inventory at Santa Clara Cigars.

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