Aging Room M19

A box-pressed perfecto wrapped in a gorgeous Habano leaf, the Aging Room M19 Ffortissimo from the famous Boutique Brands company brings together a combination of strength and refined complexity with outstanding results. A must-have addition to every store-owner’s humidor, these Cubano-style gems are fashioned with an old-school twisted pig-tail cap and composed of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos aged for 14 years, topped by a rich and earthy Habano wrapper. Delivering lush, full-bodied flavors of leather, wood, spice, pepper, and caramel, this is a distinctive high-class smoke tailor-made for the serious aficionado, and the only place to get it is here at Santa Clara Cigars, where our huge inventory, fast shipping, and the best prices on the planet make us the only wholesale company that you will ever need!

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